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Music inspires us all. It’s a beautiful authentic expression that connects us with people we may not have met otherwise. It’s a soothing release of our day to day grind and a way to free us from our mind.


Music was my first inspiration. Witnessing the birth and death of music television but also watching the creative potential explode on Youtube. When it comes to music there is endless creative flow.


With video tools so accessible, small and portable, it is easy for artists to showcase their work through the use of video continuing to add to that collective.


Do you want your set recorded?


This can be done by recording the natural live audio or syncing a live performance to an already recorded track. Please let me know which direction you would like your set recorded because there are a few different ways I approach a project like this.


Please note that live recordings are “live” so they are not always perfect. I use a few different recording devices to ensure a complete video is delivered. If there are any specific things captured during your set, please provide the set list and indicate where I should pay extra attention.


Live recording are fun, spontaneous and unpredictable. I love the flexibility and the challenge and also sending you a beautiful final product that makes you proud of your years of hard work. I know how many hours of hard work go into song writing as I’ve been friends with musicians my entire life, I know how special your music is and I am to deliver something that holds up to those values.

step outside of the comforts     of the mind and walk

the bridge to the ever-expanding creative collective


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