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Video uses motion to show us the flow and energy of your event by using a wide variety of angles and movements that keep the viewer engaged. The idea is to tell a story and set the tone through the use of composition and color. The final touches are finessed in the editing with music (additional charge, or use royalty-free music with artist credit visible in video description/link), creative transitions, motion graphics if needed.


Are there any guests at your event that would like to say a testimonial? Interviewing participants spontaneously and in the moment is a great way of authentic storytelling. Please let me know in advance if this is something you are interested in so I can prepare the technical details. Is there a focused message you would like to share? If so please let me know in advance so I can gather footage best represents that message. Additionally is there is any written material you would like to share to support in the storytelling, pass that along and I can match your video to your already established brand message. Are there any visual assets you would like included in the video? Logos, artwork, photos? Please share them with me in an online folder. Don’t have any branded material? No problem. We can build your branding and messaging from scratch starting with video content.

Please note that video is sometimes unpredictable and often things we see in our head turn out a bit different in the final product. It is my main focus to deliver a professionally packaged video that best represents the event. I do this by trusting in my personal creative process that I’ve been developing over the past decade. Video making is my first love in the creative industry, I love the spontaneity, hands-on approach and connecting visually with others.

Looking forward to co-creating alongside your event :)

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