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the process

The goal is to lively capture your unique and authentic beauty. I take a lifestyle approach to each photoshoot, catering to each individuals needs and styles.


This style of portrait photography can be casual and relaxed, often shooting in the comfort of your own home, a cafe or in the wilderness.

In an hour shoot on average we would produce 40 to 60 images consisting of a wide variety of angels and poses. This is done subtly and effortlessly as the camera does most the work for us.


Most clients spread the photoshoot out over a long period of time. Months later you may look back at our shoot and find your taste has changed which draws you to an image you never noticed before.


This is the magic of photography and the curative process. We’re capturing a specific point in time but we’re also using the camera to look at things many different ways, delivering a wide range of images that continue to develop over time.


Part of the creative process for portrait photography is tuning into the subtleties of the body. I will happily direct you to a place of ease and joy. As for the body, my focus is relaxation and confidence. Each individual is unique so the approach will vary from person to person. Photography is a mindfulness exercise for me personally. Using simple relaxation/awareness techniques help us tune-inwards which radiates our natural beauty outwards.

Keeping it simple is recommended – If wardrobe changes are something in your vision – try to work with layers and accessories. Depending on the location there may not be a suitable area to fully change and keep in mind the time we have scheduled together.


Many people like to get their hair and makeup done professionally for photoshoots. This can be recommended but also not necessary.


The camera exposes images using light. Lighting is my main focus for a good image, not the cosmetic details. Try to keep it simple in respect to who you really are and how you are on a daily basis.


If you are unsure on how to do subtle makeup here are some YouTube links approved by industry professionals:

LINK - camera friendly makeup tips

LINK - how to apply eye makeup

LINK - curing iron hair technique

Remember beauty comes from within and part of my job is bringing that out :) 

*Salon referrals available upon request*

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