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My focus for event photography is to deliver a curated album that best captures the energy and flow of your event. This involves showcasing the environment and the details you spent time creating for your community. Warmly capturing the guests at your event, in their present state of awe and excitement.



If staged group photos are something you are looking for, it is best to let me know in advance. I work primarily in a spontaneous flow meaning if someone approaches me at the moment to capture group photos I may not be set up at that particular time. By knowing in advance I can seek out an appropriate setting and time to facilitate this kind of photography.




If there are specific people of interest it is best to point them out at the beginning of the event or as they arrive so I can keep an eye out for a moment that shines.

If there is an event schedule it would be useful to share that my way so I can begin to visualize the pace and tone to best capture your event.



The curated album comes together by adventurously seeking out creative angles and perspectives throughout our time together. It’s nice to notify your guests that I will be capturing your event. I’m very mindful of everyone's space and try to stay in the background but also am confident approaching guests if inspiration comes to mind.

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